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# 2 - Tired Old White Men

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  • # 2 - Tired Old White Men

    Your political day is done
    The Youth of America are coming
    To Washington
    Are taking to the streets
    Against You

    No more perversion of
    The Second Amendment
    Will be tolerated
    To fill your coffers with NRA
    Lobbyist cash

    The unnecessary deaths of
    17 teenagers in Florida
    And all the other USA victims
    Of gun violence
    Wait for your demise

    Your political day is done
    I pray the Youth of America
    Take back our Country
    And soon throw you SOB's
    Out of office

  • #2
    Tanner you are a straight to the point here and your message is loud and clear. I have posted a poem Gung Ho which has not appeared yet because it was submitted to the moderators but we cover similar issues but our style of message is completely different