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Death Lives: Here: The House On Sweet Cherry Lane

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  • Rhymeboy
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks for reading and commenting ATL

  • AlexandratheLate
    Thank you for the warning. You have great rhyming here although I’m not much for horror - it’s quite a tale and I agree with Paula.

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  • Rhymeboy
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    Thanks for reading and commenting RhymeLovingWriter I was having an internal debate on whether I should post it or not but I thought it was too good to keep to myself So I posted it with a little bit of a warning

  • RhymeLovingWriter
    That's a pretty gruesome outcome for your signature rhyming, but you've laid out a tale that would make a great horror flick. Thanks for the warning at the top!

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  • Rhymeboy
    started a topic Death Lives: Here: The House On Sweet Cherry Lane

    Death Lives: Here: The House On Sweet Cherry Lane

    This is a spooky tale! Like a horror flick in poetry form It touches on difficult subjects but I hope you folks like it.

    DEATH LIVES HERE: The House On Sweet Cherry Lane

    A man ----- bought the old house
    on Sweet Cherry Lane
    He had a boy and a girl
    and a wife named Lorraine

    It was a beautiful house
    with a white picket fence
    And the beautiful backyard
    was truly immense

    At first, living in the house
    was both joyous and fun
    And they had a backyard
    where the children could run

    But it didn't take long
    for things to get weird
    The man was lying in bed
    and a strange man appeared

    The man wore a gray hood
    and had a long shepherd's staff
    He had a shadowy face
    and a loud spooky laugh

    Sometimes ---- you get sleepy
    and things are not what they seem
    And the man ---- wasn't quite sure
    if it was real or a dream

    But after that night
    things were never the same
    And the man would often hear someone
    calling his name

    Although ----- the man seemed alright
    and would never complain
    The man's mental health
    was beginning to wane

    He started to hear voices
    which sounded quite clear
    Like someone was whispering
    right in his ear

    And although ----- the strange voices
    were as clear as a bell
    No one else there ---- could hear them
    He was very unwell

    He began to act strangely
    and he would break certain rules
    And he went down to the Hardware
    and bought lots of tools

    He hung the sharp tools
    on carefully made racks
    But his favorite sharp tool
    was a very sharp ax

    The strange voices told him
    to slice off his ear
    And to attack anyone
    who would approach or come near

    The man killed the Mailman
    The man killed the Plumber
    He killed everyone
    who came there that summer

    And It didn't take
    that many wacks
    to cut them all down
    with his razor sharp ax

    No one in his family
    ever knew what he did
    Because all of the bodies
    were carefully hid

    The strange voices told him
    to kill and to slaughter
    And his next victims were
    his wife ----- and young daughter

    And after those gruesome deeds
    were finallly done
    He turned his attention
    to his helpless young son

    And very soon after
    the little boy's death
    the man ran through the house
    'til he was flat out of breath

    The man finally realized
    what he had done
    And he wanted to escape
    but there was no place to run

    Now ---- this is no lie
    And I tell you the truth
    The man got a ladder
    and he climbed on the roof

    The house had three stories
    so he was high off the ground
    The man stood there in silence
    and did not make a sound

    The man called out the names
    Lorraine, Sue and Seth
    The man started to cry
    then jumped to his death

    Two neighbors ----- saw the man's body
    but no words were spoken
    because It was easy to see
    that the man's neck was broken

    The police arrived on the scene
    And all the bodies were cleared
    Then a shadowy figure
    in a gray hood appeared

    Now ----- no one believes
    that part of the tale
    but he put up a sign
    that said ---- 'House For Sale'

    A nice man and his family
    who moved here from Spain
    came to look at the house
    on Sweet Cherry Lane

    When they came to the house
    of course, nothing was said
    about the blood and the gore
    or about the number of dead

    The house was real pretty
    even though it was old
    And it didn't take long
    for the house to be sold

    And after a few days
    the nice family from Spain
    moved into the house
    on Sweet Cherry Lane

    Yes ---- they'll all be dead
    before the end of the year
    And I wish I could tell them
    that Death Lives Here