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  • Purim

    A man desires evil on his neighbour;
    So what if it’s lethal? I need not labour
    Over such venal affairs… I’m the king!

    My nightmarish affair is a wife with airs;
    I’m without equal! She’s not the only mare
    in my game of musical chairs--I’m the King!

    A man desires evil on his neighbour;
    And I’m feeble. I have but one waiver
    For finding a traitor… so soon I’ll swing.

    An adjudicator for a dictator?
    Yeah, that’s still lethal. But you must cater
    To the narcissism of the man for soon we’ll swing.

    A man desires evil on his neighbour;
    To kill my people. Where is this all-powerful creator
    To save us all from the abattoir of death’s sting?

    So pray as I invite death to my boudoir
    I may be feeble, but write this in my memoir:
    Though I may die, here’s the thing…

    A man desires evil on his neighbour?

    God is without equal.

    God is the king…

    And the man is about to swing.

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    Esther was a brave woman. Interesting treatment of this story. I liked your end line rhymes. was great to see your name in the queue again. It's been awhile. Hope all is well.


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      Good to see you posting again Merkavah.


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        Wonderful way of telling the story, Merkavah! The structure of your poem to me reinforces the presentation of the story. Well done!