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Spelling Question - Just "Bee" cause

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  • Spelling Question - Just "Bee" cause

    Up until this morning, I thought 'vilify' had two ll's.

    Which started me important is correct spelling when it comes to writing?

    I've seen a meme come across my FB feed once or twice where some of the vowels/consonants are replaced with other letters. The picture, if you can read and understand it, makes the point that our brains can identify words correctly (and thus be able to communicate adequately) even when some of the letters are different than the standard dictionary spelling.

    --Does it bother YOU when you see misspelled words in things you read?
    --Is correct spelling only important in some contexts and not others?
    --Do you try to improve your spelling abilities?
    --How does it make you feel when someone corrects your writing (hopefully charitably)?

    These letters that we mix around
    to fashion words which foster sound?
    Well-ordered need or merely close?
    Which leads to understanding most?
    Do you get miffed when (more or less)
    mistakes abound? Does grammar stress
    arrive, until you feel compelled
    to correct those who have misspelled?

    Your thoughts I'll not treat spurious.
    Please share below. I'm curious.
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    What ever people do well they see as a priority

    and feel it should be the same for the majority

    it's true of athletes on fields or speedways

    and for businessmen, teachers and gourmets

    but it's only with people who have the ability to spell

    that they appear to need to make the rest of our life's hell


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
      Editing a comment
      LOL! Cleverly rhymed Chester B! Spot on, too.

      It sounds as if you've either witnessed a 'grammar nazi' in action, or been on the receiving end of such 'well-meant helpfulness'.

      I prefer standard spelling, but it rarely impedes understanding. Hopefully I've never irritated anyone when asking for clarification about a word. Some words do have variant spellings, and I'm always open to learning new things.

      Thanks for the read and taking time to comment. I appreciate it!

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    My mother was a grammar sheriff so I take immense pleasure in correct grammar. Spelling is s bit of a bust for me, so thank goodness for spell checker. But of all the things I find irritating is being corrected by a computer when I intend to say shit and it autocorrects to shot. Now which word is more offensive? 😄


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      LOL. Probably depends on context, that choice.


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        In life I'm a pretty relaxed sort of bloke
        But there's two things that always look off to me,
        The first, and I know it's become now a joke,
        Is that hideous greengrocer's apostrophe!

        The second is it's when it should be its,
        Or indeed, as it happens, vice versa,
        It stretches my patience to its very limits,
        There's nowt I can think of that's worser!