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  • Puberty

    Sorry to repost something old. I got nothing new and I crave attenntion.

    It wiggles,
    it wobbles,
    it stands upright.
    I'm really impressed.
    It's quite a sight.

    I've used it before,
    but never like this.
    Who knew it was useful
    for more than a piss?

    I can't control it.
    I have no choice.
    It never speaks
    but it sure has a voice.

    Demanding attention
    at untimely occasions,
    growing and showing
    without provocation.

    It works when it wants to
    and wants always to work.
    Gee, is this normal
    or some freakish quirk?

    If it makes me a freak
    I don't realy care.
    I kinda enjoy
    havin' it there.

    Mama declares:
    "boy you'll go blind".
    Papa says:
    "I see just fine".

    Ohhh, what am I to make of this,
    this brand new toy,
    this shameful bliss?

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    Really funny! rhymetime Good job!


    • rhymetime
      rhymetime commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks man
      I am most gratified

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    Ha! And going back to read your introductory sentence after reading the poem made me laugh more! Quite funny, rhymetime!