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  • What Life's For

    Ash falling from the sky
    Fire raging in the hills
    This is California life
    Apocalyptic weather that gives me chills
    I know this is the end times
    So I have to express my feelings through these rhymes
    Before it's too late
    The changing climate is humanity's fate
    We ignore what's there and instead spread hate
    Polar bears starving
    Glaciers melting
    In the stone my name I be carving
    So the future species can know the story I'm telling
    We had our chance
    To perfect this life dance
    We failed
    Life will go on
    In this universe humans are simply pawns
    But we have to try to do something
    So we don't die doing nothing
    Preserve innocent organisms
    Instead of making millions through capitalism
    Greed will end this intelligent animal breed that will lead to nuclear war
    That reality is not that far
    So gather all your hopes in a jar
    Because we have to cope with our scars
    Even that remnant of the deepest wound
    We should have been flying among the stars but instead created our imminent doom
    I hope there is a god to save us.
    To bring peace among this Earth.
    But the way I see it there is only us.
    So come together
    We have to save our planet
    Something that we can make last forever
    Never take that for granted
    I wish I could say more but I have to go
    I have to open that door to understand what life's for
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    Ansel I agree and welcome to the Zone. Well stated and written Poet.