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  • Monolith

    "What I would give for the chance to feel like a kid again, sweet innocence
    Back when building big castles out of my Lego bricks was everything
    Nostalgia fires off all at once from recollection blunderbuss
    Taking a shot at growing up made memories fade and wander off
    I wonder what..
    What was the love like then?
    What did it represent?
    Little successes, biggest regrets?
    The best of friends lost in a perplexing turn of events?
    I'll turn the page..
    I wish I could bring me back to the 90's ways..
    Recap a better age of forever rap and flows for days
    I'll reminisce and also miss,
    The sun kissed summer swims I had when I was younger before my aging took away all of them
    No, I won't forget what I can't relive
    And if and when I do, please send me on back in time with the Monolith."

    Stephen Coleman / CONTEИT

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    Nice and now you get to write about all these memories. It’s all good!


    • readandreturn
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      Thank you very much! Writers block has been killing me the past couple of months but I think I finally turned things around! Glad you liked it though!

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    I like how you bring the past alive with your remembrances. By doing so, we can all have a glimpse into your world. If I haven't said it yet - welcome to the Zone!


    • readandreturn
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      Thank you so much! I'm glad I found this forum! It's a nice outlet to share past experiences.

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    Quite nostalgic. Truly enjoyed it and welcome to the zone.