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The Greening (or, Groundhog's Day plus 18)

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  • The Greening (or, Groundhog's Day plus 18)

    Snowdrops are popping
    The crocus awakes
    The daffodils are showing their green
    Even the tulips
    are growing green tips
    As the first plants start setting the scene
    Branches with new growth
    extend the bare trees
    So I wonder will Spring soon be seen

    He said six more weeks
    It’s been less than three
    Was the Groundhog, then, just being mean

    (I wrote this last week (20 Feb) when I was looking at the plants starting to pop up in my garden, but then added the Groundhog stanza so I decided to post it.)

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    Nice title Muttado and we’re all smiling!


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thanks, Bobby! When I wrote the last stanza I hoped it would make you smile.
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