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  • Praise For You

    Sing your song
    Entertain us
    So we can idolise
    With minds of lust

    Are you for real?
    Are you what you say you are?
    An imitation in play
    You will not reach the stars

    Dream of it
    The road to success
    Your mind is racing with thoughts
    Never to rest

    They look at you
    To see if there is anything real
    Going beyond of what you're not
    It's a fucking laugh
    The truth in you is now unsealed

    All their mouths taped
    Their hands tied together
    No praise for you

    Driving you insane
    And making you hate yourself
    My praise for you

    You deserve nothing
    Don't you realise this?
    In the state of silence
    We're still entertained
    The final act would be our real bliss