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Thorns (In My Soul)

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  • Thorns (In My Soul)

    It grows from the inside
    This pain, I cannot hide
    It never used to be like this
    It never hurt more than it used to be
    But someone out there
    Has got to die

    The poison sinks in
    Infecting every part of me
    I am plagued by the darkness
    By the hate that they all give to me
    Paralysed by the rage that I feel
    The outcome, for all of this
    You will fucking see

    It grows from the inside
    The blossom of the mind
    What must exist is doomed to perish
    All the passion I felt is set to wither away
    All the pleasure that I've been living
    Just before the poison takes its first bite
    Thanks to you, I'm no longer alive

    It grows from inside
    It grows deep inside
    The slow injection to my brain
    Cut it away, cut it away
    I'll never rise again
    I will never face this again
    The slow injection to my brain, and to my skin
    Cut it away, cut it away
    Cut it all away
    Cut every part of it away

    The thorns that I feel (in me)
    The blood that I feel (in me)
    The taste of their bitterness
    It has ended me

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    intriguing, Bry. The thorns we accept by accepting the flowers, the inner turmoil caused by loving those who love what we don't. When the realization sinks in, and decisions are by then hard to make. It roils inside you, like your poem expresses to me.


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      Get it out Bry89. Get the poison out. Fantastic writing. I love this poem.


      • Bry89
        Bry89 commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks so much. I had a bit of fun writing this, should I admit