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  • In the ring

    n the red corner

    I await the bell

    In the blue corner

    I must try to fell

    Blows land bruise batter

    No quarter stand my ground

    Toe to toe trade blows

    Build rhythm punch pound

    Pair evenly matched

    Seeking killer blow

    Spar and probe for chance

    Dancing feet speed show

    Final bell a draw

    No knockout no win

    Rematch in future

    Ref not count to ten

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    I will be honest boxing is a metaphor here. One of the reasons I use this site is the shared humanity from other poets. We don't always agree. This is not surprising as some topics split nations. Yet I value that we can disagree here put both sides of the argument. Sometimes you reach a point where neither will yield but I believe in free speech. I also believe in respect. I believe the debate may have another round at some point probably for the same conclusion but I want to thank my opponent for revealing her passion.


    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      You're tops Jon! You exemplify and encourage the good in all of us.