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  • Promise


    You shattered the glassy day
    Laid claim to a promised hand
    Opened my sleeping eyes
    Things I never dreamt to see
    I can never again be a wanted collection
    We can never again be a solid strand
    Disfigured shadow puppets
    Staged against plaster walls
    Bibles and cook books on shelves
    In a soul kitchen that once created
    You salted the tenderloin, cured any ambitions
    Eating my words as if they were plated
    Finally becoming numb
    My eyes now see through
    Though without any clarity
    This taxing journey
    The fragile glass once so full
    Now empty of charity
    I gave you all my colors
    Praying others might see
    But in my end
    A spring of hope rose up then withered
    Outside the seasons battled
    Along with the sun and the moon
    Becoming blind
    There is no difference between
    A blanket of new snow
    Or a blanket of sand blown
    And the burial cloth
    All pure until the first step
    Above or beneath the flesh
    Upon us thrown
    Changing things simply
    Covering the promised hand
    In the beginning what did God Conceive?
    Or now what dose he command
    What will become of us?
    What will become of our brand?
    Know this as the only promise
    What we are given to give
    And the time to give
    Is always unplanned
    Things taken from us
    And when we leave
    There are no passages guaranteed
    Becoming a forgotten artisan
    In a world
    A haven of wicked machines, unmanned
    Existence without prayer all be dammed
    Will you follow?
    Can you follow for now?
    Accept the promise
    Can I ever make you love me?
    Or will you follow another god?
    And never understand


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    This is wonderful so powerful I must read it again


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      Thank You P Poet your comments are a comfort

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    ‘What will become of our brand?’ As Parkinsonspoet said, this is wonderful, TS! I’ve read it a couple times and each time a different part grabs me. Wow!


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      Thanks to you Mut

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    I'm with both poets above. The first few times through I just lingered in the words - didn't even know what to say. Many facets to the landscape covered and some breathtakingly phrased. It reminds me of a personal manifesto - to see you - to know you - ending with an aching, desperate plea. Toppest of drawers TS - with a strewth thrown in besides (we miss you grant hayes , and your witty, observational, often instructional comments).


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      Thank you RLW I miss Mr Hayes Also

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    This is so lyrical and touching, TS.


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      A You are an inspiration in poem and comment


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        This is a wonderful poem of life and love, in so many aspects, compellingly phrases. I also had to take a couple of reads to grasp its power and insight.