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Supreme White Hole (poem in reaction to white supremacists, marching and screaming)

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  • Supreme White Hole (poem in reaction to white supremacists, marching and screaming)

    Supreme White Hole (These particular white supremacists were screaming, "Closed borders, white nation; now we start the deportation."

    Stupid sots
    that's all ya got?

    As your voice gurgles from your swollen jowls,
    and you join the fetid howls,
    Rot grows in your petite, white brains,
    Defining yourselves with your refrains:

    "Death to the honorable, the noble, the kind
    "Death to those who don't have like minds

    "Death to those whose hearts aren't stained
    with the putrid guck of hate untamed.

    "Death to the concept of civil interchange
    "Yay to the drivel and to the deranged

    "Death to reading and death to thinking
    "Yay to beating and gov'ment hoodwinking

    "Death to debate and to hell with manners
    "We'll be hatred's fine flame fanners.

    "Death to anybody who's not my hue,
    "Death to Blacks, Latinos and Jews."

    "Death to lesbians and death to fags,
    burn them and their rainbow flags.

    "Death to those who suffer, in need
    "Death marks the gist of our hackneyed screed.

    "Death to the athiests and death to the libtards
    "Death to the ones f├╝hrer Trump disregards.

    "Death to your hopes that your children don't expire;
    Your left-wing dreams: the target of our of fire.

    "Rise proud, you of cerebral decay and loud, drooling lip
    You're a brother in our bloody-hands partnership.

    "Ahhh! Singular this special glory,
    to be a chosen part of God's righteous story."
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    So I guess someone else took a look and sent it through then alascerca . Welcome to the zone!


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      Beyond the political viewpoint, this poem bristles with witty rhymes.

      It is a scorching take on the subject matter!

      Well done.


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        Ugh! A gazillion likes!


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          Welcome to the zone. Quite a passionate poem.


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            A poem with passion and thought I look forward to more