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  • Parkland


    Suspect Nineteen

    The Wild West still

    Seventeen kill

    Troubled youth armed

    Why no alarm

    Blood boil Blood Bath

    Death aftermath

    Shooting Rampage

    Released his rage

    Parkland panic

    Students frantic

    USA mourns

    High School forlorn

    Broke by bullets

    Gunlaw regrets
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    An exacting write - can I be really cheeky and wonder if you changed Gunfire to Gunlaw would it be even more powerful?


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      good call thank you

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      The saddest thing now is that it seems there were plenty of 'alarms' going back several years - even from the gunman's youth. So many opportunities to notice and enforce what was already there to avoid just such a situation. We are not a very attentive people - except it seems in the moment. History and what has been done (to include laws already on the books) are sideswiped and ignored for politically expedient current issues that garner the most reelection steam.

      I mourn for any loss of innocent life.

      I also have to wonder if we, as a nation, are only reaping what we've sown?

      I'm thankful to know a lot of people who hold God, love of neighbor, charity, personal integrity and responsibility as priorities. People like them will make a difference - long before politicians make a dent.


      • Parkinsonspoet
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        I agree with 90% or 95% 0f what you say. There are some things though that I don't see. You talk about the criminal element slipping through and getting guns.The school shootings generally are carried out by people marginalised not necessarily criminal elements.Please correct me if I am wrong but the type of gun AR15 semiautomatic is used in mass shootings but generally not used in crime. Taking this type of weapon out of circulation would save lives. If other weapons were used that do not have the capacity for such rapid fire less people would be killed. Is having a right to own this weapon worth the casualties.

      • RhymeLovingWriter
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        Well, mass shooting IS a crime, regardless of the situation or location (school, military base, public street, concert arena, etc.). People who commit these acts ARE criminals. That was kind of my point. People who want to do this will find a way to get a gun, even if additional laws are passed. In many of the recent shootings it's been shown that the people who used these guns were breaking current law to even possess them.

        I'm saying that fear or shaming should not be the driving force in why we add an additional layer of restrictions on those who are abiding by existing law.

      • Parkinsonspoet
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        These crimes are not predetermined everywhere with tighter gun controls has less shootings.Yes taking guns away will stop shootings. There is no shaming in taking guns out of circulation just good old fashion common sense. Laws for everyone will save lives that is not about fear but protection.