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Tombstone Harvest (Pain in Parkdale)

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  • Tombstone Harvest (Pain in Parkdale)

    Scattered affections
    upon infertile terrain.
    Found love
    stunted in the seeding
    salt the heart
    to bleeding out rage
    seeking despicable fame.
    Projectiles of pain.
    blushing youth sallow.
    A sudden feast for crows.
    grown men wept
    and matrons clutched
    at aching breast
    their anguished cries
    to this...
    tombstone harvest.

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    Poignantly powerful addition to the latest page of frustration with senseless violence.


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        the nuance, as the rhythm changes to "stick" the end. nice, with the brief lines and those rhymes. Seems like many people saw something, apart of a town, and were brought together, like something gruesome or something? I gather it's small town, ? As the name "Parkdale" ... infertile terrains. But are the projectiles of pain, real concrete things?

        I wonder. Cool style altogether with this one. You brought things together well towards the end. Nice wrap up, that's what poems are!


        • DWAYNE
          DWAYNE commented
          Editing a comment
          Thank you. Glad you liked it.

          I am afraid, I mistakenly wrote Parkdale when I meant Parkland, but I did mean the poem to be taken generally, as well as specific to the recent tragedy, so there we have it!

          Interesting interpretation of the reference to infertile terrain, as I had something different in mind when I wrote it. That is the beauty of poetry, in intended interpretations, specific to the reader.

          I was referring to the notion that the shooter, had been spurned by his lover, "scattered affections upon infertile terrain".

          This rejection, along with a plethora of psychological and emotional trauma, culminated in his homicidal rage.

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        Sackcloth and ashes I deeply Mourn for they and this land