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  • Masters of manipulation

    Masters of manipulation, rules the nation,
    revolution brewing inside their mind,
    while our kings and queens, blinds our eyes and steals our dreams
    As we reach our hands for the sky and hope for tomorrow
    hear the children cry and the women screaming,
    am I alive or am I dreaming? Is god alive or is he dead?

    As we watch our heroes rise and fall, they say love conquers all,
    and i'm on my knees waiting for an answer
    but all I could hear were the voices inside my head
    telling me god is dead, Is god alive or is he dead?
    Or is it all just inside my head?

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    Intriguing premise and execution on this one Ghostwriter . This is the type of rhyme scheme I'm employing more and more often these days - a combination of end line, in line, slant rhyme, and other rambling devices which lend coherence but don't follow a strict meter. Do you know - is there a formal name for this type of poetry?


    • Ghostwriter
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      Sometimes naming genres are needed for obvious reasons, but other times I think it is too much labels, but I don't really think of genres when I write. I just write whatever comes natural to me and if its good it's good and if its not its not. Hope it answers your question. ^^

    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      No real need to name - I'm just curious because I've been introduced to many established forms in the past couple of years I've been in the zone - many of which had names, I just didn't know them. It's all part of my learning process is all. Thanks!

    • Ghostwriter
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      Just to quote an old jazz legend as Louis Armstrong said: If it sounds good, it is good.