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  • Broken Heart

    Broken heart

    I tried to love you the best way I knew
    And gave it my all, my whole heart and soul
    But inside everything said we were through
    the dream died that I thought would make me whole

    Like water slipping through my fingertips
    I watched my whole family disappear
    grasping air to save this relationship
    When your love for me was a thin veneer

    Surely the sun had turned cold and pitch black
    the moon had hidden her eyes in deep shame
    blood dripping words couldn’t be taken back
    In your blue cheating eyes I was to blame

    But love comes through best in so many ways
    At times friendship warms into a hot blaze
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    Sad commentary for Valentine's Day - but all too many are sitting with broken hearts while lovers wax rhapsodic. I'm an odd duck I suppose, but I tell my husband I'd like flowers, candy, or any thoughtful expression of love almost any day OTHER than Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or my birthday....anytime unexpected is much nicer than following what everyone else is doing.

    To be unjustly accused (as it sounds here) makes a broken heart worse.

    Still great writing and rhyming as always Alex!


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      Yes it does Paula. Thank you very much for reading and commenting.


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        Alexandrathelate You always convey emotion and this one makes me think about relationships -another good write


        • AlexandratheLate
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          Thank you very much Jon. I really appreciate your comments.

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        Sorry, you had to experience such hurt to get to the last two lines which are full of hope.


        • AlexandratheLate
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          Thank you Mooneyblack. I used to think people who said that when you experience such pain it teaches us how to have empathy were idiots or just plain callous but as I get older it definitely has taught me that love comes in many forms in many unexpected ways and from people you never expected.

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        Wonderfully executed poem! Thanks for sharing!


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          Thank you very much Rhymeboy.