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  • Running out


    I’m running out
    Howl at the winter moon
    Looking for my girl
    She hides her face behind a snow flower
    If I find her
    I will show her how to walk
    Low to the ground
    Teach her how to talk
    No words, no sound
    A prowling girl
    Traveling with dripping arrows
    Dipped in yesterday’s sorrows
    I will offer this when I find her

    Leave the anguish to thee
    For I sustain an unwelcomed devil
    Alive for now inside
    But he is dying, I am also dying
    Both living and dying to be set free
    And so it is with love I ask
    What possession do you want from me?
    My heart, my soul?
    A golden coffer full of my vanity?
    Life and death?
    My house of horrid mirrors?
    My gates of hell or heaven?
    I can give them all to you
    If you want
    Only one condition
    All without their key

    Bitter sweet dark chocolate flavor
    O Prowling girl
    Cinnamon red, yellow custard, vanilla swirl
    I can only ask one last favor
    Come now, Spoon with me
    Lay against this melting ice cream world
    Forget the lies of yesterday
    Endless picture shows of tragedy
    Read the script
    Then rise up
    Shoot your dripping arrows
    Towards memories of the forgotten sun
    Slip away from this days dreadful dreams
    When the virgin night finally arrives
    Close your emerald eyes
    Swallow every pixel of darkness
    Speak to me with a silent mouth
    Tell me we shall overcome
    Live and love every moment as a pilgrim
    Remove your face from behind the snow flower
    Believe in the sacred path
    Understand the sacrifice
    Press your burning heart against a frozen heart
    Remove the flower, let me see
    Melt the winter moon
    Warm this cold, cold room
    Show the power and the purpose to me
    So help me God
    My life is over
    The moon is setting
    Sun is rising
    My girl is prowling
    I’m so in love with her infection
    I would give everything to live again
    I pray and I shout
    I am dying to teach her
    All that I know
    But my time is running out


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    The urgency, played against the sweet and soft, gives this piece a striking, sensuous movement. Really impressive at these first few read-throughs TS. I'll be back to digest more.


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      Wow, The second! As RLW said, the sense of urgency you portray, to live and love all that you can time is not on our side. Fabulous!


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        Many likes and this deserves many reads. Thank you for sharing


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          Yes, when any writer writes, they hope to display this descriptive intensity. With metaphor flowing easily and endlessly. You displayed all TS. A joy to read!