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  • Steve Harvey’s in the House

    The Real Estate Waiting Game

    While sitting at the reception desk, guess who walked in the door?
    Steve Harvey, Ms.Universe host, looking for two homes or more.
    "I want a home in Gardiner, with Robert DeNiro next door, where I can hike, ride a bike, the Shawangunk ridge we'll explore.
    I'll pick his brain on how he refrains from the spotlight so hard to ignore."

    "I must be able to fish and row from the river in my backyard.
    DeNiro and I will fish with a fly, I heard it's not that hard.
    Make sure that it has, charm and pizzaz, send your business card.
    While you're at it, make it a habit, keep me informed and stay on guard'

    'Don't worry Mr. Harvey, as sure as I'm Bobby, I'm at your beck and call'
    I'll check all the listings, make sure we're not missing, I'm sure we won't take the fall.
    Although there could be Family Feuds, I know how to handle these dudes, in the end we'll be standing tall.
    So you just relax, I'll send you a fax, when the seller gets back from Nepal'

    "Ok kid, I'm depending on you, don't forget the house in New Paltz.
    If you mess up, I'll be sayin wassup, this will be your Last Waltz."
    'No problem Mr. Harvey, I won't be sayin sorry, explaining away my faults.
    I hate to sound snappy, but you will be happy, makin deposits into my vaults."

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    Back in the office again I see? Can his "Wheel of Fortune" be far behind (if Pat Sajak ever retires, that is)?


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      Paula, as usual, a great comeback. You got the knack🏸🥇🎯