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  • Cupid's Doubt

    If I should aim and launch a dart ,
    And lodge it deep within your heart,
    What would you do when wild Desire
    Soars within you and roars like fire?

    Would you, when beguiled by a crush,
    Stoke and coax it blindly to rush
    Headlong into Obsession's thrall
    To flounder at Rejection's wall?
    Would you when spurned refuse to turn
    It back but choose to let it burn
    In vain and smoulder and stagnate,
    Or die or even turn to Hate?

    Or would you strive instead to tame
    Desire's fire till as a flame,
    Sole and steadfast, it burns alone
    And stops your heart turning to stone?
    And would you with Patience await
    That other flame the winds of Fate
    Would blow your way when yours in turn
    Seeks in two hearts, not one to burn?

    (The image was created to accompany this. Happy viewing and reading!)

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    This is one of the coolest valentines I've ever seen Raoul! Way to go!


    • Raoul D'Harmental
      Raoul D'Harmental commented
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      Thanks RLW. Have a lovely day on the 14th if you celebrate it!

    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      Thank you. Since I'm a practicing Catholic as well, it will be a different kind of expression of love for Ash Wednesday. But all good!