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  • As We Each Answer

    Nearly Eight billion people, each one
    With the ability to say, "I am the only me."
    Or simpler, "I am."

    And when the stories are told, do we
    Remember the twilight of clouds
    Basked in light as well as dark
    With the sutures armored there for
    The temple door to shut against
    What death and evil we found.

    I found retracing my steps
    More than meticulous, to say,
    "I have been in time so
    Long that it all bleeds together."

    More simple, "I have been."
    "It all bleeds together."
    These blue and low clouds tell us
    Where we've been --
    Conscious, squinting, breathing
    The diamond light unfailing
    So treasured -- to most invisible.

    To see the jeweled tower graze
    The coat of skies so newly made;
    And vast as the infinities unnumbered,
    I rise to count what really matters.

    Awaiting your gaze, a long reply
    Of silence bores into the matter of my soul.

    Precious Art we take as weight
    So different now upon our back--
    Somehow each footstep hurts her,
    And she's okay with that.
    Does she need a name? Or, more than
    That can she go beyond
    What names do, like human things?

    The answer is hanging
    From a string.
    The answer is changing
    You and me.

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    8 Billion
    parallel universes
    recount the thought
    "I am" not Descartes.

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      Mucho possibility!

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    I altered and expanded my response
    as a post but took too long crediting
    you in the title line so it locked out


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      The thought is what matters, and thank you Johntee for the perusals of my writing! The kindness is appreciated!