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  • Last Light

    Last Light

    Last light. Some flurry.

    As if a flounce of pink

    nimbus would hurry night along

    like some dark Victorian villain,

    to wheel the stars and carry on

    to light the moon's shadowed face,

    Selene's carriage on tightened traces,

    headlong rushing to meet the dawn.

    In all the body of space and time,

    on the last day, when the last sun

    ceases to shine and silence reigns

    what life has defined

    for millennia ends.


    with last light

    entropy wins.

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    I like the concept and the execution =excellent John


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      Nicely done, Johntee! Last light of day, last light of light. Would entropy or nothingness win?


      • Johntee
        Johntee commented
        Editing a comment
        The end fate rested on whether the universe is positively or negatively curved and the missing mass which would allow it to re-condense for a repetition of the Big Bang. Current evidence is everything is accelerating away from everything else at an increasing rate which suggests a cold lonely end.