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    Crack Cocaine Addiction has devastated many lives. And has killed many.This is a story-poem that tells a completely fictional story. This is just a story


    I was once ----- an English Teacher
    but then I started ------ smoking Crack
    And that is how my life
    got on this downward track

    I can't even ------ begin to count
    all of the ways ------ Crack destroyed my life
    I lost custody ---- of my children
    and I lost ------ a faithful wife

    You see ----- I met this pretty girl
    Man ----- she really rocked my worl'
    The first time we were together
    she literally made ---- my toenails curl

    She looked like Halle Berry
    And she said ----- I was her type
    I was Big ------ Dumb and Stupid
    And she introduced me ----- to the Pipe

    Once I started ----- smokin' Crack
    I started losing ---- lots of weight
    And I didn't ------ prepare my lessons
    and I showed up ----- to classes late

    And that's if ---- I showed up at all
    Man ------ I really dropped the ball
    I wasn't ----- really eating
    so I passed out ------ in the hall

    And here's when things ----- got really serious
    Now, this part isn't funny
    I became so 'Crack Addicted'
    that I started stealing money

    The Principal ------ was a childhood friend
    He was the reason ----- that I was hired
    He was sad -------- and disappointed
    when he told me ------ that I was fired

    I lost my house ----- and then my car
    Soon I was living ------ on the street
    Crack ------ suppresses your appetite
    so I would seldom ------ have to eat

    I tried working as a plumber
    but my work ---- was really shoddy
    I became so 'Crack Addicted'
    that I even sold my body

    My situation ---- is very humbling
    and I no longer ----- have any pride
    And many ------- of my addict friends
    have overdosed ----- and died

    I really miss those happy days
    I spent teaching at the school
    The students really liked me
    they thought I was so cool

    And now I'll never ----- get to teach them
    how to use a preposition ---- or a verb
    The School ----- looks very different
    from out here ------ on the curb

    I've lost ------ my self respect
    and I've lost ------- a childhood frien'
    And It seems ------ my career is over
    and that I'll never ------ teach again

    Yes ----- I used to be an English Teacher
    but then I started smokin' Crack
    And I would give anything
    just to have my old life back
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    This is especially poignant to me, as I recently learned that a close friend has an addiction.

    Thankfully, he is getting help.

    Quite a sorrowful tale you tell, so well.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you DWAYNE! Much appreciated! I'm so very glad your friend is getting help! I will try to remember him in my prayers.
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    A very sorrowful tale


    • Rhymeboy
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      Yes it is. It was so sad in fact, that at first, I was not going to post it.

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    So easy to be snagged by different detours on our roads of life - some more addictive than others. We can pray for each other - I don't think any of us are immune. Nicely turned verse Rhymeboy . You indeed told a story, in fine form.


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      I agree with everyone above. There are crossroads in our life - but it isn’t over until we die. This just tugged at my heart. Well done poet!!


      • Rhymeboy
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        Thank you ATL! You are so right! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!