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Take 3 Then Again(fromSG's RomR)

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  • Take 3 Then Again(fromSG's RomR)

    Take 3, Then Again

    Then again,
    teared eyes tired of lies
    cashing out unbalanced checks
    to broken promises compromised.
    Ash, drawing a metaphor from the past,
    a flame that's flared and had its' cost,
    are we in the land of lost relationships?
    All but bowled over, the sap end
    of an old cigar left coiling smoke
    like an incense stick,
    two tea bags limpid
    like a seal's gaze
    steeping evanescent
    scent in silent solace.
    Purifying rain washing
    life's stain clean of infelicities
    and scried fortune telling
    good luck gelling on a card's turn,
    but then again, arcing from sorrow to strong,
    does "Rain on me rain" describe some quite different scene.
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