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Spirit of MLK (Imagined Speech of MLK on the State of Modern-Day America)

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  • Spirit of MLK (Imagined Speech of MLK on the State of Modern-Day America)

    I have spent my days,
    steeled to the purpose
    of reaching that great summit of justice,
    that perseverance might achieve.
    And neither insult nor inhumanity
    could make me
    in vengeance
    surrender to those lesser inclinations
    I have long sought to conquor.
    in my endeavour to confront evil,
    I succumb to
    those iniquities
    that afflict the few
    whose spirits are so malnourished
    that they
    feast upon the hopes of their brethren.

    Baptized in blood
    and the salty seas of lamentations,
    we have, too often,
    buried our kin
    but not their dreams.
    we have
    broken the binds of slavery
    whether by law, or by other name.

    Yet still, I tell you now
    what history has proven,
    that equality is no destination,
    and justice is no prize.
    But humanity is a state of being,
    as delicate as an orchid,
    as mighty as the sycamore tree.
    And I say to you,
    that the strong winds
    of these turbulent days
    have blown the doves
    from their
    precarious perch,
    and forced her chicks to seek
    new homes to nest.
    And we are long past the hour of celebration,
    let the children of the struggle
    now be roused from rest.

    For there are those whose station
    has long relied upon the vestiges
    of the terrible stain
    of our nation's original sin,
    and are content to stoke
    old prejudices and fears.

    Let freedom stand
    like an Archangel
    guarding the gates of liberty
    from ignorance born of fear,
    greeting the demonic tirades
    of tribalism,
    with the cherubic anthem
    of the human race.

    We must treat this rash of radicalism
    with the balm of reason.
    We must greet the drumbeats of war
    with a reveille of peace.
    So that we might
    at last
    preach love,
    by practising it.
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    If only we would allow love to conquer evil.


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      Preach it brother! This is awesome!


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        Your words carry resonances
        of "I've seen the Promised Land"
        and still the promise hangs unfound.


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          I thought of you during the superbowl commercial that used Dr. King to describe pickup trucks. Im sure he would prefer your efforts!


          • DWAYNE
            DWAYNE commented
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            Funny that you should mention that ad.

            My initial reaction, when I saw the ad, I was disappointment that his words would be used in such a blatantly capitalistic way.

            Especially since in his last days, MLK was becoming a strong voice against poverty, and he often emphasized richness of character over consumerism.

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          Hello Dwayne, Wonderful and so well balanced whilst maintaining continuity throughout - not easy, I would imagine. Would love to hear it bellowed forth. A fine, fine speech indeed. Fond regards, Tony.


          • DWAYNE
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            Thanks Tony.

            It came to me in the form of a dream.

            I suppose He has been on my mind, since it is Black History Month.

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          Wonderful, DWAYNE! It resonates with the spirit and the message which sadly must still be spread. You are carrying it forward.

          ‘equality is no destination,
          and justice is no prize.’


          • DWAYNE
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            I hope we all strive to carry it forward.