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  • Try to remind myself


    Sixty hours of wasted time
    As I head off for home
    I have this brunette
    And a world of debt on my mind
    Climbing into the car
    Work was hard and so am I
    Forty years
    Can’t believe another day
    I’ve survived the grind

    I’m home to paint

    Let’s turn off the gray skies
    Pull a lazy black shroud over the dying sun
    Quench our thirst for lust
    Drink this vintage liquid night
    For the work is done
    Paint our ripped skin
    Head to toe
    Spine to rib, then signature
    The final strokes come
    A canvas made of flesh
    On a bone easel clung
    Lay now to rest

    Painted in a time

    Words of posture and pleasure
    I need you
    Please reason with me
    Words of gesture
    I love you
    Try to remind yourself why we’re here
    Know the truth, I tried
    To forget the lies you whispered in my ear
    Grab hold of all and everything you hold dear
    Bite your tongue to conceal
    I’m painting my last self-portrait if I can
    Try to remind myself
    Not dead yet
    But soon
    For now
    Only a dreaming man



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    These lines are really amazing and they are one of the most interesting that I have ever seen on the best UK online poetry sources! I can tell you that you are really talented person. Keep wrighting!


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      I am only a person that writes what I feel. I thank you greatly Barb

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    The second barbarabryant I agree with Barbara. Barbara can now enjoy what you’ve been doing here for years. Another gem TS!


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      Thanks To the BDB ah yes the years they are ending

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    Another beautiful poem. Agreed, you are talented and with vision.


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      tHANK YOU sIS