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    In the lonely hours, when night creeps in
    Is this the end? Or is it just the beginnning?
    Don't dream of women, don't smell the flowers,
    it might be sweet, but the truth sting,
    hear the angels laugh, but the demons grin.
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    one minor correction i suggest: the last like 'and' be changed to 'but' for it makes more sense, rather than the idea (possibly) of hearing demons grin. right? the 'but' changes the operation and separates those ideas

    otherwise i enjoyed this, a nice little ditty which feels quite familiar! and that is a good thing, imo.


    • Ghostwriter
      Ghostwriter commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for the suggestion and yes that Idea sounded better. English isn't my native language so it is a little challenging for me to write poems in English, but I try to improve a little by little.