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Season of Mourning part 2

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  • Season of Mourning part 2

    If you wish you may read the prelude and part one to this poem in previous posts. I shall publish the prologue shortly.

    Time heals all wounds
    the poet writes.
    But time takes its time
    through long days and nights.

    Slowly the shadows
    start floating away.
    Hope seeping in
    turns blackness to grey.

    Grey turns to silver,
    silver to light.
    Then comes the dawn.
    Day captures the night.

    My season of mourning
    has come to an end.
    I turn toward the morning
    and live again.

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    This is what I pray for my father as well. Full of hope!

    I hope you don't mind rhymetime , but since I can edit posts I took the liberty of adding a link in this post to the first part so folks can find it easily. I normally send a message before I do something like that, but may have limited time online tonight. I hope it was OK. I can change it back if you'd like.


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      It's all good
      Thank you

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    I liked the second one much better. It’s what we do with our time that heals our wounds. This is lovely.


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      Coming out of the dark into the light. Both necessary parts to your story rhymetime. Both relevant, both a joy to read. We all love happy endings. I wish for you yo remain in that space.


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        A lovely follow-up, rhymetime. I also like how the form of this one feels lighter than the first, with the shorter lines and stanzas and the alternating rhyme scheme. It’s like coming from the heavy darkness of despair to a lighter acceptance of what now is.


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          Hell rhymetime, Out of the grey, reborn in the subtle shadows of silver. The gentle beauty of language adorns every line in this most graceful poem. Beautifully woven. Fond regards, Tony.


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            Beautiful articulation of the stages of grief.

            I know it well!