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  • Ghostwriter
    started a topic December


    I still remember it was a bleak December,
    the moon was bright, and the night was cold,
    my heart and soul, felt weak and old,
    like a dying ember.

    There I sat in my living room, waiting for the sun to appear,
    to release me from my fear. Suddenly I heard something tapping,
    at my window, surely its just the wind I murmured to myself,
    I noticed the fog was thick and the rain was heavy,
    and I felt a little nauseated and sick.

    Silence... No sound, no smell, the night was dead,
    then I heard something, like a ringing bell,
    but it felt like it came straight from hell,
    and I heard demons singing and my ears were ringing.

    My hands were shaking, and my knees were aching,
    The wind were crying, and I fell to the floor,
    I tried to move and I tried to scream,
    There I saw it, a dark figure at my door.
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  • Ghostwriter
    commented on 's reply
    Poe is indeed one of my favourites and the best way to learn the horror and macabre is to learn from the best in the genre and yes it was influenced by The raven. Hope you liked it.

  • amenOra
    There's something to this mixture of Poe's The Raven, and somber December. Thank you for sharing.

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