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  • low grounded

    it takes more energy to point one finger
    than to not;

    the temple has been desecrated, the virgin
    untouched, tainted by

    lust of flesh endowed therein a frame
    noise does not get in

    the light encumbrance
    soft magical music with fleeting gears spin

    i still remember your yesterdays
    as the snow falls

    drops upon my eyelids, my tongue
    sweeter than quick death ... dissolved.

    hot breath waft away from me
    in your days gone by

    chugging machines too long have sat
    grease still moves them

    i think of the days that still provide
    some sense of worth

    i want to give them away then: the meaning
    be what it takes

    as telling the truth
    is half of the situation ... the other half

    waiting to stop shaking
    broken wanting to listen and be heard

    not in a dark space sequestered
    after the punches thrown