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The Moronic Departed

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  • The Moronic Departed

    The Moronic Departed ( c ) Glen Mitton 2018

    You know what really makes me smile
    It's when the " bull " wins once in a while
    The Bull Fight " is a barbaric challenge
    " So not sad " if ol' Mat couldn't manage
    You have to admit it's only fair
    We know the bull doesn't want to be there
    Running with the bulls , there's no denying
    It's so great when people go flying
    Why do we question the animals intellect ?
    It is however one entertaining defect
    Like those who have pet lions and wild animals
    They get mauled to death it's understandable
    I just giggle inside then I get annoyed
    When later on the animal is destroyed
    These creatures didn't do anything wrong
    Except , be on this earth with us too long
    If you tempt fate with an alligator
    You know which one I am in favor
    I thank God for all the dedication
    It calms me down no need for medication
    Now don't get mad and go all ballistic
    You have to admit they're a little narcissistic
    " Look at me , I bet you can't do this "
    " If you might die I wouldn't want to miss it "
    Now the " thing " is chewing on detergent pods
    What clean wholesome fun for a bunch of clods
    It proves that the nut doesn't fall far from the tree
    Recording it though doesn't do much for prosperity
    Hey ! , as long as I don't get hit with the medical bill
    I stand behind , far behind one's own free will
    What is a crime , is when doing their stupid act
    They take out someone innocent , it's a " devil's pact "
    Some say these folks need our help I say , what gall !
    A grown person really , Really ! I'm appalled
    My intervention goes as follows , this is what I say ,
    " don't do that " then I go about my day
    We are the only ones that don't heed to instinct
    Yet here we are unabashed the one's not extinct
    Time wasted on these idiots is their " hook "
    Of coarse , If I see something stupid I stop and look
    Life is to short and I'm okay feeling halfhearted
    I pray Heaven's sectioned off from the moronic departed

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    Now THAT, is a catchy title and theme for a poem Glen MItton !


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      I agree with Paula. I had to read this after the title.