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Land of confusion

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  • Land of confusion

    We live in the land of confusion

    Never knowing what will be the conclusion

    We have people lying about Russia

    And all we ever see is the president trying to show his muscle

    Back in forth on the country budget

    Where neither side wants to have a discussion

    We have back and forth on immigration

    People have no idea what is their nation

    Is all this information that we receive is it all fake news

    Or is it the information that we decide to choose

    I really don't understand why we have to listen to this day by day

    And all we ever see is congress getting large pension and pay

    I guess you can say our heads are just spinning around and around

    And just leaving us all down

    So why do we live in a land of confusion?

    Maybe one day someone will find a solution

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    'This is the world we live in
    And these are the names we're given
    Stand up and let's start showing
    Just where our lives are going to.' - From the song 'Land of Confusion' by the band Genesis (which has a great video :-)

    Well said, Tony!