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Painting in Oil by Caroline

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  • Painting in Oil by Caroline

    Upon a wall hangs a painting,
    brushed in oil by a hopeful hand
    in colors of forever dreams.

    Not the original, a copy.
    The virgin canvas torn; brittle
    with age, carelessness, indifference.

    You may trace the rips of time
    yet not feel the degradation
    on the fingertips of your soul.

    Different, yet the same.
    The same, yet different.
    Newer, awaiting decay.

    A distorted representation,
    reflecting color
    but not paint.

    A moment, a memory.
    Not ours to recall.
    Her forever secret.

    A reflection of her innocence,
    before her canvas was torn,
    brittled with age, carelessness, indifference.

    A signature, not signed.
    A forged rendering
    Of something once real.
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    I could not get the 2nd and third verse to space 3 lines each SORRY


    • amenOra
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      I shall take the liberty to edit that in. See, the problem I ran into as well, was editing and only adding/removing/replacing one character. We shall see if I am able to do it. Sorry about the lil hang up in this regard.
      Edit: Fixed, how'd I do?

      It was a formatting issue, and I simply copied the space between the stanzas which "worked", deleted the "uncentered" line between the 2nd and third stanza, and pasted the working "linebreak" / "spacebar".
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    • rhymetime
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      Thank you for your solution. Thank you for dedicating your time to repair my ignorance. It's in perfect form now, if not thought.

      Again, THANK YOU!!

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    rhymetime no need to apologize. I’ve read a few times and look forward to your elaborations on the muse. Nicely done!


    • rhymetime
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      The Muse was my mother-in-law. She was an angry, bitter lady, though not necessarily mean. I had the greatest love for her. She died this past year.
      During the "going through of stuff," we discovered a painting. A simple, quiet landscape. The family remembered the painting. She had painted it (and several others) in her innocence when she was young and beautiful, filled with the grandest and happiest of dreams and plans. before her dreams became nightmares.
      The original canvas was perhaps 70 years old and very fragile with several rips.
      I had the painting replicated on new canvas as a gift (I plan to have the original restored soon). I wanted the rips to be reflected in the replica because I felt that they represented the history and gave the painting an honest and timeless quality ( if that makes any sense at all). Now as I look at the painting I see a lifetime and wonder about the secrets of her heart and the purity of her childlike soul once upon a time.Then I think how it represents everyone's life to some degree.

      Thank you so much for reading and asking.

    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      Incredible back story rhymetime. Thank you for sharing.

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    An interesting thought
    on copied art.
    Is the subject
    the subject
    or the art that
    caught it?


    • rhymetime
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      The simple answer to your question is "yes",
      Thanks for reading and commenting

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    Beautiful throughout - the third stanza is particularly striking!


    • rhymetime
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      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment

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    Hello rhymetime, What a lovely poem. Reads like the colour of a secret, each hint and tint fading with time and the secret kept on brittle canvas. Fair you well, Caroline, whoever you are. A beautiful mystery in beautiful poetry. Fond regards, Tony.


    • rhymetime
      rhymetime commented
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      Thank you for reading and your thoughtful analysis. Thank you for sending a fairwell to Me. Caroline

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    An homage to an homage to an homage. A lovely flow to this, rhymetime. Very nice.