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  • "Super Geezers"

    Super Geezers – Just some Teasers
    Civilities rambunctious Sneezers.
    Belch at any Time of Day,
    no Concerns of What they Say

    Have no Time for Politics,
    Pick your Noses just for Kicks.
    Speak your Minds without a Care,
    take a Nap most Anywhere.

    Cranky if You want to Be,
    Dirty Jokes and Laugh with Glee.
    Dot to Dot on your Age Spots,
    Hide your Trash in Flower Pots.

    Reminisce ‘bout Fond years Past,
    answer Questions never Asked.
    Complain about the Younger Age,
    Read a Book to Feel the Page.

    Thumb through Photos in your Hand,
    Skip the Meals if they’re Bland.
    Talk about your Aches and Pains,
    to Heck with Staying in your Lanes.

    Super Geezers have the Power,
    Certainly your Place and Hour.
    what Remains is Up to You,
    Do just what You want to Do.

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    As a super geezer I love and identify with this



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      Super - good to know and we have to stick together.


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        You really have a talent. It's unique. Your style is so yours -- and you perform a feat of humor which is, to me, flawlessly executed ... that is difficult with poetry. Sometimes a piece would be too light, airy. But you do well to capture the magic, and concrete Living, that displays your wit and humor.

        Thanks for sharing.


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          Wow - thank you!


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            Hey, I know a few of these guys (for some reason they are mostly male - but I know some women that could fit the bill too!).


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              Thank you - you gave me an idea. I write a 4-line rhyme for my wife's birthday - and other occasions - then tape it to our bathroom mirror in the night. She turns 72 in two weeks:

              “You’re the Best that I have Met,”
              said Geezer to his Geezerette.
              "Now we Both are Seven-Two,
              Glad I Reached it Here with You."
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              • RhymeLovingWriter
                RhymeLovingWriter commented
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                No wonder you're still in love with each other. This is wonderful!

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              Thanks for the idea - just posted "Super Duper Geezerettes"
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                Well - for some reason it just got taken down from the site?


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                  Hello Bob, A wonderful, 'take me as you like' poem - I am who I am, warts and all. With age comes great freedom, freedom of expression, in so many ways. I'm on your side of the road, the sunny side. Excellent! Fond regards, Tony.


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                    Thank you.