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  • Before/After

    Often times, people enter our lives, and we automatically assume it is a given.

    Many times we are stamped with the profundity of such personality--

    That we pour into each other-- through hardship, through mistakes.

    It is the soul which longs to connect with another that forms

    The basis of what is possible between two people; and both of them participating

    Create the destiny of Friendship and comaraderie. Often times,

    We do not have time to insulate against threatening shadows, before

    The other is swallowed up, breathless. Taken. We know that truth

    Hard to stomach, reaches the lips, a bitter design.

    Within the lofty concepts and notions of encumbered freedom, your words

    Your words took a shape beyond their shape. A tree grew

    Near the water, where its roots plunged in the dark ... We can only guess

    What path you grace with sure and confident footsteps; can only wonder

    At the sheer brilliance undertaken in images that made you you & me me.

    Finding no answer from a world we idealized, do we move on

    In the shadow of what other people did -- and then bank not to get lost

    Where it's unsure -- the reality of 'found'.

    Or is it the truth I tell myself I am able to handle: That heroes die,

    And leave us with the imprint of why we felt that way,

    Almost like an accusation of our character from

    The empty place someone used to occupy. Must we feed the wolves flesh,

    In libation to hungriness and desire?
    --Play 'Charades'

    With the shadows of words spoken from before, moving on their own?
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    As always within the pieces
    you write I find parts
    I strain to coalesce.
    Here I guess
    the end constrains
    a gnawing vacancy
    to "What is wrong with me?"


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      Thanks, i think. Well, the end to me summed up a lot, and it's deep to me ... And the question you asked is a very valid one. But there are wrong answers Thanks for coming, Johntee. Bless

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    This is a profound piece.
    It moved me.

    I pondered all that is forged, and grown and lost, all that survives when, at last we do not.

    Many brilliant phrases.

    You are one of the poets that inspires me.


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      Thank you. I was a bit unsettled, to tell the truth, as ... I thought I took a tone so similar to yours... So of course the inspiration is "contagious" in a good way. And I just didn't want others to think I was 'ripping' from you. But let whomever be the judge of that ... it just came out this way.

      So thank you for the lofty ideals and the exposure ... Dwayne, Johntee. We are indelibly inked with each other's thoughts, like octopi! Thank you for writing, as in my life it has proved the sole soul gift, such a gift; to be able to write and to share; to read, just as much. And it doesn't seem there is 'excess' ... as long as the wings fly, we move! xox

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    I also found this moving and although Dwayne you say inspired you, for this poem, I found it uniquely yours.


    • amenOra
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      Yes, thank you Atl! I am just self-conscious sometimes, as I care a lot about 'writing' and 'people'.

      Anyway, it's more of a compliment... We all rub off on each other. Thank you muchly.

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    My apologies, Amenora,
    for the wrong answer.

    Here's one conclusion of
    mine that has always had
    a very negative response.

    The ideal life is one
    where, when you're gone,
    it's as if you've never been.
    This is what the Earth would bless.
    Anything less is just not "green."


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      No I apologize I didnt mean you were wrong at all friend
      I was being a bit facetious!
      here is to that, 'green'.

      but your question did sum up. I more meant ... we can be wrong in how we answer that question, if it be without love.


      • amenOra
        amenOra commented
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        It can be a chilling realization, that stillness. Without projection one can understand Peace. Perhaps.