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  • Divorce

    NHK Inside Lens 22 Jan. 2018 "Still Tomorrow"
    The programme that was source for this piece
    is internet available searched for by the top line.

    Disabled Divorce

    Paid off, bundled he goes,

    ten days short of Twenty Years;

    she stays. In the darkening farmyard

    the mother cries for family shame.

    The poet's spasmodic 10 Cent fame

    bears fruit for Yu Xiuhua in fate unwound

    as, in an unpalsied state of mind,

    she mourns the love she never had

    and grieves the care he never gave,

    save the seed that sowed a son

    embittered anger in full bloom.

    A marriage match for a bargain womb,

    dissolved in acrimony steeped in Yuan.
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    Lovely references. Rich. I really enjoy that bit of culturedness to a piece.

    And the economy and ease of language did it for me. It feels somber, single, painful.

    Kudos, this was very good, perfect length IMO. A hard situation to deal with, captured by the Ear and translated to us somehow by spirit? Maybe.

    I relate with this even though I will never go through the same. Isn't that the richness, though, the alternative possibilities explored through living somewhat vicariously -- to read and enjoy another's slant on Poeticism, or Life. Something! Thanks, Johntee.


    • Johntee
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      Thanks Amenora.
      Foreign satellite TV
      gives a slantwise view
      of the world, frequently
      one I'm glad not to live in.

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    There is a rugged truth to this, that makes it striking.

    I love your witty phrases.

    Brief, yet cutting deep.


    • Johntee
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      Thanks Dwayne,
      compared to you
      I'll always come
      up short.

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    Wow. The social insight and emotions are arranged so precisely and powerfully. A great deal of sorrow and brilliant phrasing.


    • Johntee
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      Thanks LG,
      China rising has
      some way to come
      in the rural hinterland.

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    Though this wonderful piece captures the local culture beautifully, the underlying scenario unfolds in its own peculiar fashion worldwide. Wonderful work Johntee .


    • Johntee
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      Thanks RLW,
      poetry's saving grace
      made manifest
      by Social Media's interface.