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    Men seek idols
    so that we might lift them up,
    without the burden
    of lifting ourselves up.
    For if Superman,
    was swaddled in his vesture,
    And, we were nursed in lesser cloth,
    could we but cut the meagre swath,
    and chalk it up to bearing?
    if neither womb nor pedigree,
    had in the bones inured,
    the hardships since endured
    and he, no fruit from greater stock,
    hath spindled fire from the rock.
    Harbouring no greater might
    to muster will or brave the fight,
    the truth we shan't escape:
    ardour made the man,
    and man
    made the cape!
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    Wouldn’t that be something. Hero’s are ordinary people doing extraordinary things - really putting others before themselves - loving their neighbors as Jesus loves us and in today’s selfish world that is extraordinary. Your poems make us all think Dwayne and we all need to stop and really think. Thank you


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      I heard a sermon on the weekend that challenged us to take up our cross.

      It really struck a chord.

      Glad you liked it ATL.


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        From the moment you started writing here I always pictured you at the pulpit. This is no exception. Keep on keepin on Dwayne.


        • DWAYNE
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          I write what moves me, and it is an added benefit if it, in any small way, moves others too.

          Thanks for reading, and the kind compliment.

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        You are gifted with a God given talent of wisdom and fortitude . You elevate all who read your work Dwayne!


        • DWAYNE
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          There are some great poets on this site.
          I am just glad that what I write resonates with you. Thanks.

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        the logic and progression into crescendo of meaning and rhythm is a a staple in your work. there is something about the plain truth which stands up and shouts, or is rather vibrant at least ... The Truth.


        • DWAYNE
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          I think writing is a way of gaining a fuller understanding of what I believe, pronouncing it, and striving to live it.
          Hopefully, what I write inspires somebody, as I have been inspired by others, here and elsewhere.


        • amenOra
          amenOra commented
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          Good job. I share similar sentiments of what writing is, and the process.

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        Man and Superman
        Called on to Testify
        you've stood on its head
        Nietzsche's philosophy
        so the weak lamb shall lead
        and the starving be fed
        while the wolves have already
        fell on the fold and carrion crow
        the "News to be Told"
        and WEF & Davos goes on as old.
        Sic Transit Gloria. So goes the World.
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          What a response!

          I'd love to read this as a lengthier piece!

          You, sir, have a way with words.


          • Johntee
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            but as you've noticed,
            best when brief since they
            are "off the top of the head" written
            while reading on library internet.
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          When I first read this it reasonated in my heart but I could not find words to express why. I believe there are super men and women, there are average men and women. Whoever we are we can contribute to our life and the lives of others. There are no insignificant deeds or actions. Too often we (I) chose to do nothing because my (our) something seems so small. But even in doing nothing, something is done or left undone.

          Thank you so sharing your thoughts and inspiring mine


          • DWAYNE
            DWAYNE commented
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            I thought of Rosa Parks sitting on that bus in Alabama. A simple gesture with profound consequences.

            Sometimes, the act of saying "No", Is heroic.

            We often connect heroism to fame, and I think that leads us to discount the unknown multitude a constitute the tide, that changes things.

            Personal heroism: Deciding what you live for, and, if needs be, will die for, then living that out.

            Glad this inspired you.

            Thanks for reading.

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          Hello Dwayne, This poem hovers up there with the best of them. I have always loved the phrase: good, honest, decent folk. It has nothing to do with heroes, supermen and the like; it is just being what it says, good, honest and decent. That in itself separates us from the physical world, which we are bound to do or else, we like beasts become fascists, Nazis and the like and we all know who their heroes and supermen were and who made their capes. An absolutely outstanding poem. Praises galore. Fond regards, Tony.


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            Every movement starts with a single action, every change starts with someone’s reaction. Everyday heroes whose meaning is pure, everyday people who just want a cure. Thanks for helping to sew capes, DWAYNE!


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              Sew capes!