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  • London Haiku

    Spanish speaking girl
    Meets mandolin playing man
    Hot Diggity Damn!

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    Funny Tanner. 😊


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      Why London
      for mandolin?
      Why London
      por habla


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        Most of what makes a poem A poem ... was lost on me here. It become specific unto obscurity. Plus the tumblers just didn't connect for me; i suspect the last line was a punch line.

        To me it falls flat. But I am sure that's my age or something. I didn't get it.


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          Explanation for ALL, my daughter (who speaks Spanish and spent a semester studying in Havana) met her future husband to be (a highly talented musician, especially for the mandolin, violin and harmonica) while living in London and studying at the London School of Economics. At the time he was playing with the Eric Ness band at clubs in London and sometimes touring in Norway and West Germany. Hot diggity damn is urban slang. Thanks to all for visits and comments. I threatened to read this Haiku at their wedding in my backyard, but was persuaded instead to read the following:
          Wedding in July: A Sequence
          of Haiku

          The insect who basks
          On green leaf gives thanks for gift
          Of afternoon breeze

          We also give thanks
          That we are here to witness
          This ceremony

          By love’s gravity
          Entwined two celestial
          Spheres emit one light

          Let their lives be graced
          With joy as they journey forth
          Toward uncharted shores

          The loon surveyed the
          Country lake at dawn ruffled
          Feathers and was gone


          • Johntee
            Johntee commented
            Editing a comment
            I guessed an extended story
            by the tags :- daughter future husband
            thanks for filling in the blanks
            reviving old urban slang
            and for the wedding sequence

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          Me too figured there was backstory. That is special for sure, see tome i said it wasnt a poem as the meaning didnt carry. Obviously those closest to you would 'get it' and i think it would have been a good sort of ice breaker to get them laughing.
          Nice, and thanks for sharing.


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            Haiku with a smile -great combination


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              Thank you for the explanation and sharing the other haiku!


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                I got it.