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Little Unknown Things

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  • Little Unknown Things

    What is the Thing that soars my mood
    All at once and makes all seem good?
    It’s been and gone. What could It be -
    This fleeting spring of ecstasy?

    And what is It that sours my mood
    Without warning and makes me brood?
    It’s barely here before It’s flown
    Back to the realm of the unknown.

    Foul Thing! Beyond me, stay and shun
    My shadow while I face the sun
    In the hope that it will unveil
    That sweeter Thing; my holy Grail!

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    Small things that tilt
    and turn a world
    and stain the day
    with their refrain,
    what is it that
    forms a mood.


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      'All the small things / True care truth brings'* It is the little things in life seem to play biggest parts. Nice, Raoul. They say the devil is in the details.

      * From 'All the Small Things" by Blink 182