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  • tendelein
    Amazing and excellent poem. I am working as a mail man in USPS. Recently my colleague showed me this. This is really fantastic. USPS offering services to its employees under Liteblue (liteblue usps gov) portal.
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  • tway
    started a topic employee of the month poem help

    employee of the month poem help

    I am trying to write a poem for an employee of the month board. we are going to do genie theme because when they win they earn a wish. We work at a nursing home so we would offer to do a med pass for the nurses, give showers, help residents eat, pass out water, etc. There is going to be a poster board with a genie lamp, and a picture frame for their picture. Also a spot to put a little biography about the staff. I just want a simple poem to go with the genie lamp part so they understand the theme I guess....what I have so far is this... (but I don t know how to write a poem so IDK if it works). Any suggestions appreciated

    You won employee of the month,
    what shall you do?
    Rub the genie lamp
    and your wish will come true.