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  • A play on words

    A pun is a play on words
    From the intellectual to the absurd
    A pun is in the domain of wit
    So says the “pun”dit

    A pun is sort of an enigma
    Once you’ve punned you bear the stigma
    Warning! If you take the plunge
    Your record may never be ex”pun”ged

    A pun’s in a class all its own
    A comedic Rosetta Stone
    When you get it, you groan a bunch
    When you get it, it’s like a “pun”ch

    In every language ever spoken
    Someone’s sense of humor’s broken
    Timing, of course, is always key
    Delivered with “pun”ctuality

    Sometimes your mind is bereft
    Sometimes you just have nothing left
    When you razor wit is blunt
    You have no choice, you have to “pun”t

    The pun has a purpose specific
    They make even the corniest joke terrific
    When it comes to the pun’s function
    Slinging them I have no com”pun”ction

    From my mind these puns do burst
    If allowed to pun, I’ll do my worst
    On my puns you mustn’t pass judgement
    Even when my puns are “pun”gent

    As I grow older, I grow fonder
    Of the elusive double-entendre
    Because the puns that are silliest
    Are invariably “pun”ctilious

    When I pun, it’s with a dash
    Of je ne sais quoi tinged with panache
    When I pun, it’s full frontal
    No sense being contra”pun”tal

    Even if you think you’re above
    The puns that I so dearly love
    You must admit, puns are fun-ish
    No good line goes un“pun”ished

    It’s well known that my puns are awful
    In 32 states they’re unlawful
    My ignominious end is fated
    A punsters life, “pun”ctuated

    I probably pun more than I should
    My power is only used for good
    I should stop at this juncture
    Lest my pun balloon be “pun”ctured

    Now it’s time I took a rest
    From my puns, worst and best
    Yes, I think this rhyme is done
    The punniest rhyme ever s”pun”

  • #2
    Are you you are "write" and not "pun"ching above your weight. ?


    • #3
      This is so clever!

      Replete with artful phrases!


      • #4
        Quite punny, Mikilt! Hopefully 'Your record may never be ex”pun”ged' 'Even when (your) puns are “pun”gent'!