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Getting old

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  • Getting old

    I rolled out of bed one day
    And joints started to click
    I rolled out of bed and said, “Hey”
    “Is my body playing tricks?”

    My body has ways of telling
    Me when it’s not time to move
    I try and my joints start yelling
    I get how they disapprove

    The worst are my knees and my neck
    Or maybe my wrists and my back
    Last time I think I checked
    None of them loudly cracked

    “Oof” and “Ugh” these days it seems
    Are in my vocabulary
    I’ve bought stock in Icy Hot cream
    My aches are arbitrary

    Getting up and sitting down
    When rest is required
    I hope that there’s a chair around
    I’m getting awfully tired

    A long-expired warranty
    A hand ready to fold
    The same for you as it is for me
    It’s hell getting old

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    Mikilt, Just Brilliant! I love it! Unfortunately, I can identify with all of your listed concerns.


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      Witty, descriptive, playful, humorous and eloquent!