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The birth of elijah

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  • The birth of elijah


    Rising from the sea of infinite Light dust
    A ferment

    The strength in his hands surrenders
    Within the deep of her new mouth shines an old sun
    Her hair falls onto his eyes
    Her tears fall onto his waves
    Her labor is thunderous
    Offering the ear drum, a pounding rhythm of evolution
    Ascending the grated gravel road
    All the stargazers have ventured away
    Taking part in the ritual of the trespass
    The villages of the lush wet valley twinkle in the consumption
    And all that’s loved within them runs
    Like children, late to the stream on a hot playful day

    Lay and listen to the belly of a mother
    Or where the water falls high from the cliff
    Listen for the bathing soul in the prism spray
    In the swirl of the spring foam
    If you’ve ever heard, the fields of Taro have something to say

    No pressure within the dome can obstruct the growth
    Unleashed is the power to turn the sea to clouds
    And for our wisdom, there is no cure nor care
    Though for the rest of the gods, a beacon born
    Sharing honesty, wickedness, desire, elation and despair

    Beyond the smiling ashen faces, rainbow frowns
    Dipping into the warmest alluring blues
    Hiding the fractured rocks of coral eyes
    Simmering below the endless horizon
    Congregations worship baptism beneath shimmering red skies

    The human sound, pitter patter
    To and fro, touching the garment’s hem of blood fire
    There is no control of emotions
    The mouths of the mountains sing
    “Bring forth the prodigy of the pregnancy
    Steeping in the womb like bitter sweet tea”!
    Fill the gold rimmed black porcelain cup
    Spider web cracked heirloom
    Toast to the miniscule measure of our existence,
    Brood within, Salvation and loss, all experiences, abrupt
    Sacred brew, flesh and blood, acceptance in the sup
    Humble your accomplishments, specks and rust
    Laying and rising before you, new born, father of mountains
    Astonishing, but Hold your fresh breath
    The seeds of the star fires have been sown in a new dimension
    Give back the quest of the old iron son
    Regeneration of the word, world of a child
    The volcano erupts
    Elijah has come!
    Elijah has come!


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    This went many places. It takes a few reads to digest it, very condensed. I can be sure Elijah is born, and different seeming 'events' happen. I get caught up in each stanza, in what it brings to us. It's tinged with a mythos but loosely so-- more like the tone of one, with the resonances to 'place'.

    I am not sure, but this one didn't flow as others of your own have before. I wonder what others will say. To perhaps explain, it seems what Eliot would say about his thoughts on poetry; that the poem should be not one long rhythm, but with different "versing"; lengths, or rhythms. I shall come back, digesting the piece still. It certainly brought up some amazing things, sensations. And the birth of Elijah. I'm seeing what strings it together... Thank you for sharing.


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