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I've got your nose

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  • I've got your nose

    Sorry, chum
    That’s not my thumb
    So why do you suppose

    There’s an empty space
    On your face
    Because I’ve got your nose

    Don’t be vexed
    You’ll save Kleenex
    Nowhere to catch those colds

    Between your cheeks
    Is kinda unique
    Because I’ve got your nose

    I’ve also got
    All of your snot
    In the place where your finger goes

    Now it’s a trick
    For you to pick
    Because I’ve got your nose

    No hairs to tweeze
    Can’t sniffle or sneeze
    Can’t stop to smell a rose

    It’s your lament
    You smell no scent
    Because I’ve got your nose

    Now you’re minus
    A couple of sinus
    And it really shows

    I can’t help but smile
    At your funky profile
    Because I’ve got your nose

    At the end of the day
    All I can say
    Is that everything I said is wrong

    I was just being weird
    It never disappeared
    That was my thumb all along

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    to the Zone and Two thumbs up for your poem!