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Love Lies Bleeding

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  • Love Lies Bleeding

    An Interesting story poem about love in anticipation of February's Valentine's Day!


    Love ----- is from New York
    But then he moved to Cali
    He was walking through San Francisco
    when he turned into an alley

    Love was very happy
    He was going on a date!
    He planned to meet ----- a friend for dinner
    Then see the Golden Gate

    Love ---- looked at his watch
    to see if he ----- was running late
    when suddenly ----- he met an enemy
    A man ----- we know as Hate

    Hate stripped him of his clothes
    then he took his bow and darts
    And now there are no arrows
    to shoot in lovers hearts

    Love was stabbed ---- a hundred times
    What a terrible ----- gruesome fate!
    In an alley ----- Love lies bleeding
    in such a helpless state

    Love is much too weak to live
    but not too weak to try
    Love is very close to death
    but he is much too strong to die

    And ever since ----- that hateful day
    No one on Earth ---- can fall in love
    Not a single ----- living soul
    or tiny turtledove

    Love lies bleeding ---- in an alley
    Won't someone ----- help him, Please?
    His darts ----- and golden arrows
    cure 'Broken ------ Heart Diisease'

    Love ----- is fading fast
    I hope someone ----- finds him quick
    Because living ----- in a world without Love
    just simply ------ makes me sick

    Yes, Love ----- came from New York
    But then ----- he moved to Cali
    You can find him ---- in San Francisco
    where he is bleeding ----- in an alley
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    'Light' take on Love.

    And shorter than some of your other poems, the specific 'mood' you set was nice, with the refrain at beginning and to close. All across the country then...


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thanks amenOra I tried to keep it short this time! Lol! I finally realized that most poets don't like long poems unless it's their own! Lol!

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    Hello Rhymeboy, Love is dead, long live hate and the whole world bleeds away. I love the fine musicality in your poetry and especially so in this one. You write as if with music in your heart, each beat a word and you do choose your words wisely for wise is the beat when the poet sings. Not a great singer, myself but one must try. I have enjoyed this one very much. Fond regards, Tony.


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you very much Professor Grannell! . . . for that wonderful review!