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  • Cold Fingers-

    Living off of people one by one

    Throwing them away, and moving on

    I cant seem to see a purpose in this game

    Just screaming inside from this meaningless pain


    Everywhere I go its all just a lie

    Watching people crumble up and die inside

    No matter how much I try I cant seem to hide

    It just keeps following by my side

    This shadow, that hides what is behind

    This game we play, not ratified

    But there


    All I need

    Is a sufficient distraction

    As I wont take action

    Its just Selfishness



    Yet no matter how hard I search for meaning

    This absurd screening is quite deceiving

    For I am just feeding

    This cycle

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    The main reason I wrote this is because I am currently going back and forth from searching for meaning in life and realizing how selfish i am and obsessing over the ones I hurt.
    Yet feeling bad for people conflicts with my confusion...
    Im not sure...


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      Tough situation to find yourself in. The poem reflects your confusion well. I don’t know if you’ll ever find a perfect answer, but keep writing out what you think and feel and it will help you find something. And we’ll get to enjoy more of your writing.


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        I second Muttado1sb . My guess is that a lot of poets work things out in their writing - it's a great way to reflect, whether on personal situations or things happening in our worlds.