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meaning without duration

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  • lunar glide
    There is so much fervor in your phrases and imagery that it's almost contageous! Excellent

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  • amenOra
    started a topic meaning without duration

    meaning without duration

    little stone,
    child that takes the place of all,

    where were you
    dancing or silent unmoving
    in the vast field
    and what could we both know
    together that would help.
    we said yes or no
    to religion before we began.

    what did it take
    so much time
    from me to you.
    where was the use,
    trying to outrun
    the spotted demon.

    you looked and looked as
    it circled the room;
    you spotted hope in
    the wastebasket,
    or a wireframe of
    some pendulum about to hit--

    the water rushes in the room
    and the walls can only make it rise,
    they do not let it go despite
    how they start to mold after years
    you search the house
    you're probably full of old
    black mold. one seedy universe

    you try to outgaze the clock.
    what can any of it mean

    did those other people have it right
    in thinking it contained

    or perhaps they contained

    what ever it turns into,
    a fight over the light, or a tantrum
    built up into climax,--

    you can hug these walls as
    the water rises
    over the years which went past
    the walls of the creek

    and you can have
    all the sand in the world
    but there's no beaches.