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Mid-Term Glitch

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  • amenOra
    beautiful, "feet of clay".

    a common happening, less commonly dissected with attempt to understand. The court jester, or the Fool, plain. I've been into Blake lately, and it fits: "Listen to the fool's reproach; it is a kingly title."

    What if not for that reproach, and self-assessment, would we have to understand?

    Adjudged, it reminds of me "pre-judged" ... nicely woven tapestry of words, here in the Zone. Thank you for sharing with us Johntee!

    Title gives something to think about, specially with the "brief" passage.

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  • Johntee
    started a topic Mid-Term Glitch

    Mid-Term Glitch

    Midterm Glitch?

    What is it makes a laughing-stock?

    Someone high brought down low,

    fettered to rotten tomato throw.

    An idol with feet of clay,

    at arms length from Commonality,

    adjudged by fruit that leaves its' mark.