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As It Passed By

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  • Tony Grannell
    Hello Bison, A very interesting and most beautiful poem. Though it speaks of winter, cold, it is not. Is the stranger, death, an angel, as it were or should it remain a mystery. Either way, bound for a city, one never knew is poetically apt and mysteriously correct. A fine, fine poem indeed. Well done. Fond regards, Tony.

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  • Bison
    started a topic As It Passed By

    As It Passed By

    It's the early morning darkness
    That lasts too long
    Silent and cold
    As I wait for the sun
    I begin to doubt it will show

    As the frost grips my bones
    My cheeks hollow
    My smile is empty like your eyes
    In the emptiness of night
    And this is winter

    This is winter for us
    A frozen ground and toes of ice
    Will you take the time
    Can we stay warm enough to survive
    Oh I can't seem to find the faith

    But it comes in slow
    Unlike the melting of the snow
    I feel a warmth I thought had died
    Before the cold took my sight
    I felt your love as it passed by

    A stranger in the night
    Bound for a city I never knew
    Wrapped up in all your light
    Too bright to understand the darkness
    Of this everlong winter night