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Whence Shall You Stand?

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  • Whence Shall You Stand?

    You will find sometimes,
    That advocating for your countrymen
    necessitates arguing with them.
    As some insist that
    the legitimacy of their grievance,
    is sufficient justification
    for those actions they
    employ in attaining relief.

    For while
    their maladies are real,
    the attribution of the causes
    may be false.
    And misdiagnosis
    lends to misguided remedies,
    with a multitude of side effects.
    Desperation for alleviation
    allocation of fault
    to those whom
    the majority least understand,
    and little value.

    Prejudice impedes progress.
    For misplaced blame
    and malfeasance
    are an unholy match.

    It is precisely at these moments,
    when temperate voices
    are most critical,
    and, most vulnerable.

    Dissent is never greeted with applause,
    and often
    treated with disdain.
    Especially by those with despotic desires.
    Who extoll the nobility of their motives,
    even as they:
    denounce their detractors as traitors;
    vilify the messengers,
    and seek to muzzle them.
    Control the message,
    manipulate the masses.

    there are always
    obsequious opportunists
    who would
    scorch the earth
    purportedly, to purify it.

    it is far easier to
    tear down a thing,
    than to articulate
    what ought to be
    constructed in its place.

    But once you've ground
    your foundation to dust,
    whence shall you stand
    when stand you must?

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    It helps to stand outside the ring,
    like one with fulcrum and lever long
    enough and just such a place found
    the Earth might tremble in his hand.


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      It does!

      Quite a poetic response!


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        Nicely done, in fine fashion. So i began soon to 'attribute' this to myself, and of course apply it there.
        So i have been thinking along these lines... one can correct oneself, and yet even while knowing it as 'habit' one can be suckered back into the behavior.

        Processing the animal body. And you sort of catch yourself, retry to place a sense of 'rightness', sort of a riposte -- that point where you point out ... well, it seems this might mirror the Trump situation, if you're privy, his offensive language about "sh*thole countries".


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          I certainly agree.

          Morality requires a sort of bravery, which is hard to muster, when your motives dictate your means.

          Morality, I think, is a perpetual process of self-evaluation and rectification in response to what you determine your current state to be, in relation to what you believe it ought to be.

          It is a multitude of course corrections, much like driving. A young driver finds this difficult, an old hand does it instinctively, but both will come to know the importance of course corrections, in order to stay on the road, for if they don't, they will soon find themselves in the ditch!

          I believe, principled men, are as necessary to a society, as an experienced driver is, to a young one, and they ought not stand by as their nation slowly veers into dangerous territory.

          Trump is one man, but the tone, the callous disregard of one's neighbours that is reflected in his speech, and, more importantly, his policies, is a shadowy reflection of the nation's age-old ills.

          It is perhaps, too simplistic to blame the bombastic figure of a man, for maladies the nation has nursed for centuries, and continues to refuse to admit, afflicts them.

          In politics, as in life, one must determine what one believes, and the extent to which one will defend those beliefs, even at the risk of ostracism or worse.

          I see this so clearly, in the faint shadow of MLK Day. 50 years is a brief time in a young country, and it would be naive to believe that the transgressions of yesterday do not leave some indelible marks, on the nation of today.
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          • lunar glide
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            I found this response almost as beautiful as your poem! The courage is hard to muster indeed. To willingly be a martyr is the destiny of course correctors. Much easier to live protected in the center of a crowd. Outliers always take it in the teeth though later after they are long gone perhaps they might be honored.

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          It is easier to destroy then to fix and upkeep. But sometimes the only solution is to destroy and start with something new. I hope God doesn’t give up on us and call it a day. Always enjoy your poetry Dwayne.


          • DWAYNE
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            I hope not!

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          Hello Dwayne, Could not agree with you more but could never express it as eloquently as you do. Well said, sir. Fond regards, Tony.


          • DWAYNE
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            Thanks Tony.

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          DWAYNE Excellent piece! Excellent commentary!The last stanza is positively brilliant!


          • DWAYNE
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            Glad you liked it!

            Thanks for reading.